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Waste management plans

Purpose of the service

The waste management plan is a document that orders local authorities’ actions pertaining to the waste management. The obligation to develop these plans by state, provincial, poviat and commune authorities is set forth in the Waste Management Act of 27th April 2001 (as amended). The properly developed plan accurately evaluates the cost of the entire waste management system and facilitates to assess investments essential for the system’s requirements.

Sample waste management plan:

  • Analysis of the waste management condition;
  • Forecast of waste management changes;
  • Approved waste management goals;
  • Directions of actions regarding the waste prevention and the waste management system  development;
  • Schedule and method of task performance financing;
  • Conclusions from the forecast of the project’s impact on the environment;
  • Method of monitoring and assessing the plan implementation.
Who is this service designed for?

This service is designed for local self-government units.

When to contact us?

The best time to contact our consultants is when a local self-government unit is going to prepare or update the valid waste management plan.