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Taking over of the incorrect project settlement

Purpose of the service

The project settlement is a task that requires extensive knowledge about the rules of the project performance co-financed from the EU funds. The beneficiary is obliged to comply not only with the provisions of the grant contract and the investment plan specified in the application for grant, but also with detailed guidelines that govern, among others, the supplier selection or project promotion. The project settlement requires that the correspondence addressed to the authority allocating the grant needs to be correct. Due to a vast array of rules concerning the performance of the beneficiary’s project and obligations, mistakes in the project settlement may be easily made and they can result in reducing the grant amount or even make the entire amount to be reimbursed together with interest. Only fast reaction and a relevant strategy concerning the communication with the authority may protect your project against any consequences of such mistakes. Thanks to our knowledge about and experience in the project settlement, we can advise our Clients about solving such critical situations.

Who is this service designed for?

The service is designed for all entities that perform the project co-financed from EU funds and noticed some irregularities in the process of its settlement.

When to contact us?

If some mistakes were made in the project settlement or you have some doubts whether your present consultant properly manages your project, we kindly invite you to contact our specialists who verify whether no gross mistakes were made in the settlement and deal with the venture without any adverse consequences to the Client. In this case, time is of essence, hence the best idea is to contact us immediately after the beneficiary has noticed irregularities, but before their verification by the authority allocating the funds. This allows us to calmly analyse the situation and find the best solution that protects you against the funds reimbursement.