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Restructuring plans, privatizations, ownership transformations

Purpose of the service

To effectively take the company through the restructuring or privatization process or to make ownership transformations, it is necessary to prepare a relevant strategy for this venture, thanks to which it will be possible to take individual actions in accordance with the thoroughly analysed and previously planned stipulations.

Our consultants will prepare for you effective restructuring programmes and effective privatization strategies. The scope of the restructuring plan is always adjusted to the Client’s expectations and needs. The restructuring process may cover the enterprise in whole or in part – e.g. market and product restructuring, organizational restructuring or financial restructuring.

Fundamental elements of our companies’ restructuring programmes:

  1. Company’s key strategy indicators
    - Mission, vision and strategic goals.
  2. Crucial goals and nature of the restructuring process
    - Remedial restructuring vs. development restructuring,
    - Priorities – areas of measure and action concentration.
  3. Restructuring advice and recommendations, and methods and measures of its performance
    - Operating activity,
    - Organization and management system,
    - Company’s resources,
    - Finances,
    - Ownership structure.
In addition, these services include as follows:
  • identification of alternative capital acquisition sources,
  • development of the memorandum of information and financial models,
  • development of asset sales valuation or company valuation to converse debts into shares.
Who is this service designed for?

This service is designed for all entities which challenge their companies’ restructu, ring and for entrepreneurs who wish to sell their companies to discount their previous businesses.

When to contact us?

It takes us about three to five weeks – depending on the problem complexity – to prepare a restructuring / privatization plan following receipt of all required data. Some data, such as previous financial statements, organizational schemes etc. need to be provided by the Client, hence it is necessary to remember that your cooperation constitutes a crucial element of the document preparation.

This service was, among others, provided to:

  • Miran Wafel Fabryka Wafli Sp. z o.o. j.v.