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Representing the Client before the authority allocating the grant

Purpose of the service

When performing the project co-financed by the EU, it is very important to know the applicable procedures with respect to contacts with the authorities settling individual expenses and paying out funds. Therefore, in order to effectively go through this procedure,  we represent our Clients before the authorities, responding to their inquiries and specifying any information. We try to release the Client from any operational work at the project. We know who we should contact with in certain issues and what requirements the correspondence addressed to the authority must observe, and thus the Client makes sure that the project is correctly managed and the funds will be paid out as soon as possible.

There sometimes arise disputes with administrative authorities, for instance the authority questions the legitimacy of incurred expenses and requires some explanations. In this case, we share our Clients with our knowledge and experience, formulating substantive arguments and conducting correspondence in accordance with the applicable laws.

Who is this service designed for?

The representation before the assessment authority is a service associated with the project settlement and thus it is designed for all entities which perform their project from the EU funds.

When to contact us?

The best moment to contact our consultants is immediately after receiving the grant decision. In particular, we recommend this service when it is difficult to find a common ground with the authority allocating the grant.