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Rate applications

Purpose of the service

Rate applications are documents that each company providing water or sewage disposal services is obliged to develop and file for local authorities’ approval once a year. Within 70 days prior to the scheduled entry into force of the rates, the company provides a commune executive authority with the application for its approval. The application needs to be appended with the detailed evaluation of prices and rates and the valid multi-year modernisation and development plan of pipeline and sewage equipment.

As part of this service, our consultants prepare the application, assist you to optimize the rate structure and evaluate prices and rates. Moreover, we file the application with a local authority, assist you in the process of the application verification and assessment by the authority, as well as we assist you to prepare any possible explanations and amendments to the filed application.

Who is this service designed for?

This service is designed for all companies providing water or sewage disposal services.

When to contact us?

Our consultants need time to verify key aspects of the rate application and properly develop the document, hence the cooperation with respect to the application development should be commenced in advance at least three months before the scheduled entry into force of the rates.

This service was, among others, provided to:  

  • Aquanet S.A. (rate applications approved by the City of Poznań);
  • Municipal Roads Authority in Poznań.