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Performance and settlement of the project

Purpose of the service

The performance of the project subsided from public sources, besides taking care about substantial issues in the project, requires a relevant planning. It is sometimes necessary to make some changes in the project, the implementation of which – without exposing the project to the grant loss – requires some experience in and knowledge of rules of grant programmes. Our specialists advise you how to act and set relations with administrative authorities in order to carry out the project without any obstacles and in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations.

Furthermore, the use of the public grants obliges you to comply with specific supplier selection procedures in accordance with the independence principle and economic efficiency. We share you with our experience in the preparation of relevant procedures and documents concerning the supplier selection.

The project settlement service comprises the following elements:

  • indication of the most significant provisions of application documentation and documentation that is valid following the conclusion of the contract for financing;
  • presentation of the procedure concerning the selection of suppliers / contractors of goods and services according to the public procurement law or the Civil Code;
  • drawing up of specimens of requests for proposal, proposal forms and proposal selection forms;
  • drawing up of applications for payment in a form of advance payment, refund, indirect and reporting payment;
  • drawing up of schedules to applications for payment such as description of accounting documents, required statements, auxiliary sets of expenditures, updates of payment schedules and material and financial schedule, considering any necessary shift between categories according to the contract for financing;
  • contact with institutions responsible for verification of the settled project;
  • formal verification of application documentation and guidelines of managing authority (MA) / implementing authority (IA) and intermediate body (IB);
  • drawing up of applications for annex, applications for amendments to the contract for financing, requests and questions to authorities responsible for verifying the settled project;
  • verification of output indicators and results specified in the application documentation and review of their fulfilment by the beneficiary;
  • taking care about project promotion and information according to guidelines concerning the necessity to promote the project – preparation of designs of information boards and commemorative plaques, information on grants awarding on the beneficiary’s website, documents with the EU logotypes;
  • personal verification of documentation on the settled project at a company or at the beneficiary’s seat just after payment the last instalment of payment – after completion of the project;
  • verification of the documentation on the settled project prior to the expected control;
  • preparation of the beneficiary to the project sustainability period, indicating the most important aspects;
  • drawing up of monitoring surveys in the project sustainability period.
Who is this service designed for?

This service is designed for the entities that received grants for their investments.

When to contact us?

If you commence your project before obtaining the grant decision, this is the best moment to begin the cooperation with us – we assist you to manage the project in a way that it meets all requirements necessary to receive the money refund upon receiving the grant. The sooner we begin to deal with your project, the higher the guarantee that the project will be managed in compliance with guidelines for a given project from its very beginning.

If you make the project performance dependent on information on allocating the grant, the best moment to contact our consultants is just after obtaining the decision, but before concluding the grant contract.

This service was, among others, provided to:

  • Biofarm Sp. z o.o.; 
  • Polmax S.A.; 
  • Biogaz Zeneris; 
  • GENESIS Centre for Medical Genetics, (Independent Healthcare Centre).