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Our successes

In terms of funding for research and development of enterprises, we can also boast numerous successes!

As part of the financial perspective for 2007-2013, the competition which allowed companies to conduct research on new or improved products or technologies was measure 1.4 of the Operational Programme "Innovative Economy" (OPIE). In the early years, call for proposals was organized in conjunction with measure 4.1, which also allowed the direct implementation of the results of R&D to production activities of the Beneficiary or other forms of commercialization.

In the above-mentioned competition within 1.4 OPIE, we have achieved, among others, the following successes:

567 proposals were submitted in April 2011, of which only 69 received funding. STRATEGOR's huge success is the fact that 2 projects prepared by us received grants, scoring 100% points! The awarded companies are:

  • Małkowski Martech Sp. z o.o. with a project entitled "Research on a breakthrough discovery in the production of passive fire protections", amount of grant: PLN 724 125;
  • NaviExpert Sp. z o.o. with a project entitled "Developing an open online navigation platform”, amount of grant: PLN 1 617 600.

Other projects that received funding thanks to us under measure 1.4 OPIE include:

  • Centrum Genetyki Medycznej GENESIS NZOZ, Poznań;
  • POLMAX Polska S.A. S.K.A., Świebodzin;
  • AIRON INVESTMENT Anna Niemczewska, Koronowo;
  • Bioten Sp. z o.o., Poznań;
  • C.T. Service Sp. z o.o., Piaseczno;
  • Office System Sp. z o.o., Warszawa;
  • Polnet Sp. z o. o. i Wspólnicy Sp. K., Poznań.

STRATEGOR engages not only in supporting customers in competitions organized by institutions implementing operational programs, but also actively participates in the creation of possibilities of co-financing and co-creation of new programmes of entire industries. It is best visible in two sectoral programs of the Operational Programme "Smart Development" (2014-2020), under which we developed a comprehensive feasibility studies in collaboration with groups of companies from across the industry and research units. The above mentioned programmes include:

  • "WoodINN" – Development Programme for the Forest and Wood and Furniture industries implemented by the Partnership of Key Entities of Wood and Forestry Technologies WOODSTRATEG, the estimated budget for the programme is PLN 400 million;
  • "Innovative Recycling" implemented by the Consortium represented by the Chamber of Commerce of Non-Ferrous Metals and Recycling, the estimated budget for the program is PLN 325 million.

Another competition in which STRATEGOR constantly achieves new successes is measure 1.1.1 of the Operational Programme "Smart Development", the so-called "Fast Track." The awarded companies which thanks to our experience and hard work obtained funding include:

  • Soley Sp. z o.o., Balice;
  • Ekolog Sp. z o.o., Piła;
  • Selex Polska Daniel Korbus, Wrocław;
  • Novilet Sp. z o.o., Poznań;
  • Informer Med Sp. z o.o., Poznań;
  • Zakład Produkcji Doświadczalnej Automatyki Sp. z o.o., Ostrów Wielkopolski;
  • Nanores Sp.z o.o.Sp.K., Wrocław;
  • OptiNav Sp. z o.o., Słupsk.