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Our successes

Our top ranks in rankings of efficiency in acquiring funds for the RSE investments published by the prestigious Fundusze Europejskie magazine prove STRATEGOR’s strong position on the business consultancy market.
Some of the RSE investments for which we have acquired grants are as follows:
  • 01 as part of the Polish-nationwide operational programmes from the EU funds:

    - the project of Megawat Kanin under Measure 9.4, IEOP: “Construction of eight wind power plants together with their necessary infrastructure in the Zachodniopomorskie Province”;

    project value: PLN 137,892,864.44, grant amount: PLN 40,000,000.00; 

    - the project of KSM Energia under Measure 9.4, IEOP: “Construction of a complex of the ŻEŃSKO wind farms of 7.5 MW in the Krzęcin commune”;

    project value: PLN 38,435,961,03; grant amount: PLN 20,249,847.73; 


    - the project of POLMAX S.A. under Measure 9.5, IEOP: “Construction of the installation for the production of 20,000 tonnes of bio-fuel annually in Świebodzin”;

    project value: PLN 61,705,055.34; grant amount: PLN 30,000,000.00.

  • 02 as part of the Regional Operational Programmes (ROP)  from the EU funds:

    - the project of Contino Białogard Sp. z o.o. under Measure 4.1, ROP for Zachodniopomorskie: “Construction of the "Kościernica II"  wind farm in the Białogard commune”;
    project value: PLN 38,923,400.00; grant amount: PLN 7,571,192.66; 

    - the project of Resa Energia Sp. z o.o. under Measure 4.1, ROP for Zachodniopomorskie: “Construction of the Czaplinek wind farm of 2.75 MW”;

    project value: PLN 24,026,820.00; grant amount: PLN 3,971,201.50;

    - the project of ENER-G Polska Sp. z o.o. under Measure  3.7, ROP for Wielkopolska: “Construction of a small bio-gas power plant in the Regional Waste Management Company in Lulków”; 

    project value: PLN 2,866,800.00;  grant amount: PLN 1,146,720.00. 

  • 03 as part of programmes financed from state funds: 

    - the project of Elektrownia Biogazowa Cychry Sp. z o.o. from NFEPWM – GIS – Green Investment Scheme: “Construction of a bio-gas power plant on plots of land No 271/10 i 271/15, rescind Maliniec in Brunatna Street in Konin”;

    project value: PLN 26,605,000.00;  grant amount: PLN 7,981,500.00; 

    - the project of Eviva Gizałki Sp. z o.o. owned by MartiferRenewables SGPS S.A. from GIS – Green Investment Scheme: “Construction of the power grid to connect the Gizałki wind farm”;

    project value: PLN 18,140,000.00;  grant amount: PLN 7,200,000.00; 

    - the project of Biogazownia-Chotków Sp. z o.o. from NFEPWM – GIS – Green Investment Scheme: “Construction of an agricultural bio-gas power plant of 1 MW together with its auxiliary equipment, power transmission grid and connections in Chotków, the Brzeźnica commune”;

    project value: PLN 11,500,000.00;  grant amount: PLN 3,360,000.00.

  • As for the knowledge of the RES market, another advantage of STRATEGOR is the personal experience of the Managing Director of STRATEGOR – Mr Paweł Grabarkiewicz. He is a shareholder of four companies that operate in the field of wind energy and prepare, perform and use wind farms.

  • The key project conducted by one of the companies – “Energia dla Ciebie” - is the construction of the WISTKA wind farm of 4MW. The company concluded the co-financing contract under Measure 9.4 “Energy production from renewable energy sources of the Infrastructure and Environment Operational Programme. As a vice-president of the Energia dla Ciebie company, Mr Paweł Grabarkiewicz mainly supported negotiations with the previous project owner, the grants acquisition process and the selection of the investment general contractor. He also participated in the company’s negotiations with financial institutions to get the investment credit and negotiated a multi-year service contract concerning the service of the WISTKA wind farm.

    Mr Paweł Grabarkiewicz is also a shareholder of Eolia Technologie sp. z o.o., a special purpose vehicle established to construct two wind farms of 1.6 MW in the Potarzyca commune, the Wielkopolska Province. The scheduled date of launching this power plant is December 2013.  Eolia Technologie sp. z o.o. was incorporated in 2011 as an entity that matches business and experience of its shareholders who have developed infrastructural projects for years. The company’s fundamental project is to construct an innovative farm wind whose extraordinary efficient and reliable performances will establish trends on the Polish wind energy market.

    The remaining 2 companies are as follows:

    Centrum Innowacji Sp. z o.o.  – the construction of a farm wind of 1.6 MW in the Koło commune worth of PLN 9,311,100, co-financed from the Regional Operational Programme for Wielkopolska.

    RESA Energia Sp. z o.o. - a wind power plant of 3 MW located in the Czaplinek commune, the Zachodniopomorskie Province, the project worth of PLN 20 million was co-financed from the Regional Operational Programme for Zachodniopomorskie.