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Our successes

In terms of grants for innovation and entrepreneurship we have prepared hundreds of projects. We obtained grants for entrepreneurs already before the accession to the European Union - in the pre-accession programmes (PHARE, SAPARD, ISPA), and in subsequent years from the structural programme ZPORR.

Following the accession to the EU, we intensively worked on obtaining structural funds as part of the financial perspective for 2007-2013 under the "Innovative Economy" Operational Programme, Operational Programme "Infrastructure and Environment" and in regional programmes.

Taking into account the abovementioned financial perspective, in terms of subsidies for the development of companies we have achieved a lot of success including:

  • the total amount of obtained grants for SMEs in 2010 in excess of PLN 727 000 000;
  • obtaining over PLN 50 million for companies from Wielkopolska under measure 1.2 "Supporting the development of SMEs";
  • preparing more than 50 projects and obtaining more than PLN 80 000 000 in grants under the "Innovative Economy" Operational Programme, measure 4.3 "Technology credit";
  • obtaining a total of more than PLN 36 000 000 in grants under the competition "Support for the first implementation of an invention";
  • projects for which we acquired grants under the "Innovative Economy" Operational Programme, measure 4.4 "New investments of high innovative potential" were in the top spots of the ranking!

The project of Papiery Powlekane "PASACO" from Solec Kujawski was first in the ranking out of 478 projects and received a grant of PLN 7 095 000.

In another competition, the project of Institute of Glaucoma in Warsaw was ranked third among 326 proposals, and obtained a grant of PLN 4 310 617.

Currently, under the new financial perspective for 2014-2020 we celebrate further success engaging in measures under the Operational Programme "Smart Development" Operational Programme "Infrastructure and Environment", as well as regional and national programmes.

The new financial perspective, although it has only recently taken off for good, is already bringing us success! In the competition organized within the framework of the Operational Programme "Smart Development", submeasure 3.2.1. "Research for the market," we have obtained more than PLN 27 000 000 for our clients. Thus we can say that we started the new distribution of EU funds aimed at the development and equipping of companies with 100% efficiency!

Other successes come with the results of the competition organized in the framework of the Wielkopolska Regional Operational Programme and measure 1.5.2 "Strengthening the competitiveness of key sectors of the economy of the region." Taking part in the programme, we have obtained more than PLN 50 million in grants for 27 companies from Wielkopolska, thereby showing almost 100% effectiveness! It is noteworthy that in the context of the above call for proposals, the total amount applied for exceeded 5 times the value of the available allocation.