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Making changes in the performed project

Purpose of the service

It sometimes happens that within the course of the project performance there occur some circumstances being beyond the beneficiary’s control or its plan changes require its project to be corrected. It is normal for business, but in case of using the grant, intermediate or implementing authorities do not always understand the beneficiary. It happens that the reluctance to changes is not a result of the applicable laws, but of the authority’s unwillingness to cooperate. Since we know procedures and we can analyse the provisions of the grant contracts, we are able to assist you to push changes and amendments that you claim to be significant. The authority needs only to be notified of some of aberrations – we do not have to wait for its consent. Other changes need to be justified - the relevant argumentation sometimes forces the authority to express its approval and in some cases, you need to apply for the authority’s consent without any guarantee of success. Thanks to our experience, however, we can manage to implement most changes made in good faith. It is important to skilfully talk with the authorities, using substantial arguments proved by legal acts, namely the provisions of the grant contract. Thanks to our experience we maximize your chances for success, even in difficult cases.

Who is this service designed for?

The service is designed for all entrepreneurs who within the course of the project performance (after signing the grant contract) must change it and need professional consulting in this regard.   

When to contact us?

Immediately after occurring of circumstances that require the project to be changed. It is the best when all potential modifications will be consulted before taking individual project actions.