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Local Revitalisation Programmes (LRP)

Purpose of the service

The Local Revitalisation Programme is a multi-year programme approved by a local self-government unit and aimed to revitalise downgraded areas that require some changes to be made in their space, technical equipment, society and economy. The aim of the revitalization programme is to discover the downgraded areas and then improve their functioning, aesthetics, use comfort, as well as to establish some conditions for their further development. The Local Revitalisation Programme is also a crucial tool when applying for the EU funds.

Sample document structure:

  • Area, development basis and period of the local revitalization programme
  • Characteristics of the present situation in a city / commune
  • Reference to strategic documents on the spatial, social and economic development of a city / commune / region;
  • Programming sub-periods;
  • Territorial range of the revitalised area and its justification;
  • Planned actions in the revitalised area;
  • Financial plan of the revitalisation;
  • Expected revitalisation ratios;
  • Implementation system;
  • Methods of monitoring, evaluation, updating and social communication;
  • Programme effect.
Who is this service designed for?

This service is designed for local self-government units.

When to contact us?

The best time to contact our consultants is the stage of planning the revitalisation of a given area, that is, immediately after commencing your actions aimed at improving the downgraded area.

This service was, among others, provided to:

  • Local Revitalisation Programme of the Local Activity Centre in Krotoszyn.