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Investor search and business idea incubation

Purpose of the service

Thanks to our vast contacts and knowledge of our Client’s and business partners’ investment preferences, we are able to assist you to find an investor. As we have been operating on the market since 1999, we have a great knowledge of investment financial support and the acquired contacts help us associate persons with good business ideas with investors interested in financing prospective ventures. We also cooperate with business incubators which - thank to their substantive and capital support – make it easy to start up new business in a given industry.

Who is this service designed for?

This service is designed for all entrepreneurs (present and future) who have interesting business ideas and need funds and substantive support to implement their ideas.  

When to contact us?

To convince an investor or an incubator to invest in a given project, some details supported by the market analysis, as well as some possibilities of a given product or service development need to be shown. Therefore, the best time to contact our specialists is the stage of creating the idea concept, but the purpose and scope of the venture and its preliminary costs need to be specified.

We incubated business ideas with, among others:

  • Wielkopolski Instytut Jakości Sp. z o.o. – Hi-Tech Super-incubator.