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Initial audit of available opportunities for financing investments

Purpose of the service

The initial audit is a free-of-charge analysis of opportunities of obtaining any financial support. At preliminary meetings our consultants will answer your questions and provide you with any information on available sources of financing by phone or e-mail, as well as in case of projects “with potential”.

Thanks to this service the Client learns to which direction it can develop its company with the use of the EU funds and what its chances are to obtain grants for its tasks.

On selection of the programme to be used to finance the investment, we assist the Client to specify a goal of the venture to meet any present needs of a given entity and to form the basis for applying for  aid funds. The Client will be informed what it needs to do to maximize its chances to make the project successful. Thanks to the current monitoring of frequently amended guidelines and priorities, we are able to quickly determine how to prepare the project to meet any and all formal requirements and increase chances for the acquisition of grants.

The phase of the project verification with respect to the selected programme must also include the determination of the company status, that is the verification whether the company is  a micro-, small-, medium- or large-enterprise and whether the company is already classified as a large enterprise.

The enterprise’s size primarily affects the intensity of the granted grants – the smaller the company is, the larger grants are awarded. On the other hand, the company status may be a reason for completely excluding the enterprise from the funds because in many cases grants are awarded to micro- / small- and medium enterprises. Therefore, it is essential for revising the prepared documentation, check again whether a given enterprise is entitled to receive grants, and what grants it is entitled to.

To properly indicate the enterprise status, it is necessary to know both SME classification criteria in EU regulations and methods of determining this status by institutions evaluating these applications. Our specialists share with their knowledge and experience to this extent.

Who is this service designed for?

This service is designed for all entities which intend to invest, irrespective of their industry or investment. Grants may be awarded to the so-called “hard” projects pertaining to the purchase of fixed assets, intangible fixed assets, infrastructure construction, as well as “soft” ones pertaining to trainings and development of human resources.

When to contact us?

The best time to contact our consultants is when a given idea is developed and a specific investment is planned. At that moment, we are able to determine when funds necessary to finance a given venture will be available.

This service was, among others, provided to:  

  • Pozbruk Sp. z o.o.;  
  • AJAKS S.A., Poznań; 
  • Polcopper, Przysieka Polska; 
  • FIRMA KNIOCH S.C., Środa Wielkopolska.