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How we advise

Effective activity and showing initiative on behalf of the Client

Since 1999 we have thoroughly learned our Clients’ needs. We understand that the business consulting is not only about the development of good and substantive solutions, but for the Client it is also critically significant to efficiently implement their processes. Therefore, we make every endeavour to closely cooperate with our Clients’ employees when drawing up documents, keeping the highest standards of communication. We know how much entrepreneurs and managers are busy, thus we make every attempt to maximally relieve the Clients from any operation work in order to provide them with complete solutions and allow them to concentrate on strategic issues.

The Client is involved in the process of formulating and performing the grant acquisition strategy

On the other hand, it is very significant for us to notify the Client of any regulations and criterion applicable in a  given contest – the discussion of the investment with respect of these guidelines is sometimes a time- consuming, but significant element in the documentation preparation process. We firmly believe that the project success depends on the Client’s involvement in formulating the investment strategy and guidelines since only the maximum involvement of both parties is a success guarantee.  

The perfect communication with authorities that evaluate applications for grants 

Furthermore, by operating on the European consulting market for many years, we have thoroughly learned how state and local authorities involved in the grants allocation process operate. Thanks to our team’s professionalism, we know “with whom and how to talk to”, focusing on substantive issues. The Strategor brand is also recognized by decision makers. We are considered to be professionals who act fast and observe the highest standards, hence the cooperation with authorities is very effective. Our role is to explain to the entrepreneurs any intricacies of EU law and transform them into the business language.     

Fair “no” recommendation for no-chance projects; complete involvement for “yes” projects

Our rule is not to mothball any documents. Before beginning our work, we together assess chances of the project, drawing attention to any potential threats. In case of projects which – according to out experts -  are without any chances to be financed, we fairly inform the Clients about this fact in order to save their time and money. If we accept the order, we do our best to prepare the project that observes criteria points to the highest degree. Our applications for grants are fully professional – part of our work is to contact with implementing authorities, ministries, partners (lawyers, patent agents and scientific institutions). We are not afraid of any difficult issues. Many times, thanks to our letters addressed to various ministries or authorities, our  Clients obtained positive decisions or interpretations.

By choosing STRATEGOR, you are guaranteed the professional assistance in each, even in the most non-standard situation.


We kindly invite for cooperation!

Paweł Grabarkiewicz