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Strategor Wielkopolskie Centrum Ekspertyz Finansowych is a leader in the field of European and business consulting.

Our aim is to establish strategies and effectively obtain funds for investments. Our consulting services rendered to the Clients go beyond the industrial standard.

Features that distinguish us from other consulting companies:

  • STRATEGOR is a recognized and reputed brand;
  • we have long-standing experience in the European consulting – pre-accession grants, 2004-2006 financial perspective and 2007-2013 financial perspective;
  • we have a widely developed network of partners (banks, research institutions, patent offices and media);
  • thanks to the diversity of projects carried out by us, we perfectly deal with each industry;
  • through numerous consultations with authorities we are actively involved in developing rules of financing and we actively support solutions favourable to our Clients;
  • our knowledge about and skills at consulting are based on our practice – we have our own investment experience in various industries;
  • we are extremely effective – we are ranked first in various national rankings;
  • we are completely involved in cooperation activities – we go beyond any standard preparation of documentation, supporting our Clients to obtain administrative decisions, in tender procedures and with respect to the industrial property protection;
  • we do not “mothball” applications since we only focus on projects to be actually financed and conducted, saving our Clients’ time and money;
  • our remuneration always depends on work results and final success;
  • we like our job and we are friendly :-)

If your business needs to be supercharged, you are in the best place!

I kindly invite to cooperation

Paweł Grabarkiewicz
Managing Director