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Financing opportunities

According to estimates, rural and urban-rural municipalities plan to implement total capital expenditures in the amount of PLN 97 billion in 2014-2020, assuming PLN 62.6 of aid from external funds. These funds will be provided mainly from the Operational Programme "Infrastructure and Environment 2014-2020".

To maintain and improve the quality of the environment, including the implementation of water and wastewater projects, approx. EUR 3.1 billion is guaranteed. The main objectives in the field of water and wastewater management in the Operational Programme "Infrastructure and Environment for 2014-2020" are:

  • development of environmental infrastructure, including construction, expansion or modernization of waste treatment plants, due to:
    - the need to reduce discharges of untreated and inadequately treated wastewater;
    - effective management of growing amount of wastewater sludge;
    - implementation of efficient solutions for industrial waste treatment;
  • adaptation to climate change;
  • protection and halting the decline in biodiversity;
  • improving the quality of urban environment.

The aim of the measure is to increase the number of people using an improved system of municipal wastewater treatment, providing increased removal of nutrients. It is planned mainly to implement priority investments provided for in the National Programme for Municipal Waste Water Treatment (KPOŚK).

This measure will support investments in agglomerations with at least 10 000 PE. In the Mazowiecki region, support will be provided also in urban areas between 2000-10 000 PE. All projects will be evaluated in terms of preparing the investment for implementation, regulation of land ownership (50% required for linear investments and 100% for point investments) and the value of investments tasks for which construction works were notified or with building permit in relation to all the tasks that require permits or notifications.

As part of the Regional Operational Programmes (ROP) projects located in agglomerations between 2 000 and 10 000 PE and aimed at the construction, extension or reconstruction of the sewer system, wastewater treatment plants and water supply systems can be realized. Some ROPs provide for the construction of wastewater treatment plants in areas of scattered settlement or facilities with appropriate equipment of services in charge of monitoring the quality of treated wastewater and water intended for consumption.

Proposals for the EU grant may be submitted by, among others, local governments, entities operating on the basis of public-private partnership or entities providing public services commissioned by local governments with their majority share. Grants will be paid in the form of advance payments and refunds.