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Financial analysis, investment profitability analysis

Purpose of the service

These analyses provide very significant information to be used in the company management process. In addition, we provide our Clients with applications already made in a spread sheet that dynamically calculates data. The analysis results are additionally provided with relevant comments. Except for a situation, in which the entrepreneur needs this analysis for his own purposes, it happens that an external entity (e.g. bank) requires the entrepreneur to show the company’s position or investment in a specific way.

The financial analyses executed by our consultants cover, among others, the following elements: company’s history and its influence on its current operation, capital analysis, operation analysis, production and sales structure, company’s position on the market, sales markets, structural and dynamic balance sheet analysis, income statement analysis, cash flow statement analysis, financial liquidity analysis, stock rotation analysis, payment rotation analysis, fixed assets dynamics analysis and debt analysis.  

The profitability analysis shows whether a given investment is profitable and to what extent, considering all investor’s expenditures and its expected incomes. This information is crucial for both the future investor and the institution interested in co-financing a given venture. The efficiency is measured through, among others, the evaluation of such rates as the rate of return, BEP, NPV, IRR, BCR, DGC and the verification of these values in the light of any legal requirements made by prospect institutions interested in co-financing specific investment projects.

Who is this service designed for?

This services is designed for all entrepreneurs who wish to improve their finance management in their companies and for those whose investment or development plans need to be prepared in a specific way required by e.g. banks.

When to contact us?

It takes us from two to three weeks – depending on its complexity – to make a  financial analysis / investment profitability analysis following receipt of all required data. Some data, such as previous financial statements, organizational schemes etc. need to be provided by the Client, hence it is necessary to remember that your cooperation constitutes a crucial element of the document preparation.

This service was, among others, provided to:  

  • Mostostal Poznań S.A.;
  • Clothing Manufacturer “Sunset Suits”;
  • Mazurskie Meble International Sp. z o.o.