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Due to the diversity of projects conducted by us, our team comprises experts in many fields of business. The effective consulting  provided to our Clients requires the skilful combination of various qualifications, therefore the Strategor specialists are alumni of scientific studies like finances or economics, as well as of humanistic studies. We use various talents and abilities, the combination of which provides the Client with the comprehensive service and – as an added value – builds a strong position against the competition.

Complete involvement

Our employees are distinguished by their analytical approach to problems and openness in cooperation. They always try to show the Client that they jointly work at the project and tend to achieve one point – the Client’s  company success. Our specialists’ common feature is their involvement in the Clients’ issues and determination in operation.

Enthusiasm and joy

Except for the maximum involvement in our Clients’ projects, our employees contribute to the company another exceptionally significant element – their enthusiasm. Good team relationships and friendly atmosphere create excellent conditions for professional development and cause that the Strategors enjoy their job, hence they are maximally involved in it.  

The cooperation with the Client requires a combination of many actions, for which individuals of proper predispositions are responsible.

Our company consists of several groups of specialists responsible for various phases of a given project:

Marketing Specialists and Consultants

Primarily, the Client is served by marketing specialists and consultants who assist it to allocate its needs to relevant services and possibilities. They know various programmes and kinds of grants, hence they are able to quickly and effectively evaluate what financing options are available and how to start to work at the project in order to prepare necessary documents on time.


When a given project is already ready for preparing, the Client service is provided to an analyst who prepares documentation. Depending on the project nature, the analyst develops a study necessary to achieve the Client’s goals – the acquisition of grants or other external funds, the determination of the strategy operation or the development of the precise industry analysis or venture profitability. This is the analyst with whom the Client cooperates the longest and who acquaints with each and every detail of its project.

Project Coordinators

Consultants, specialists and analysts are supervised by project coordinators – persons who have the most extensive knowledge about and experience in business consulting. They manage all actions, direct them properly and take care about the highest standard of their performance. Thanks to their qualifications and knowledge of rules and guidelines for individual kinds of documentation, the coordinators are specialists in solving even the most complex situations and explaining substantive doubts. They are at the Client’s disposal throughout the entire work at the project.

Settlement Specialists

In case of EU-fund projects, on acquisition of grants, we go to the next stage of our cooperation with the Client, that is we implement and settle the project. At this stage all tasks are conducted by persons with specially selected skills – analytical minds with highly developed “soft” skills that are necessary in case of the long-term cooperation with the Client and that allow the project to be effectively handled with respect to contacts with institutions and authorities. Large multi-year projects are handled by specialists who are individually allocated to a given Client and are at its disposal.

Organizational support

The aforementioned tasks are supplemented by work of people responsible for the company’s image and organization.