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Development strategies of communes, poviats and provinces

Purpose of the service

Development strategies are planning documents that comprehensively describe development plans of a region. It is noteworthy that these documents are hierarchized, which means that the development strategy of a given province should comply with the development strategy of the state and the  development strategy of a given poviat should comply with the development strategy of the province etc. Like the Local Revitalisation Development, strategies for a given region are frequently a crucial document when applying for the EU funds.

Who is this service designed for?

This service is designed for local self-government units.

When to contact us?

The best time to contact our consultants is one year before the strategy updating or one year prior to the present period expiry.   

This service was, among others, provided to:  

  • The update of the Development Strategy for the Jarocin commune in the field of opportunities of financing investment tasks from the EU structural funds.
  • The strategy of the social and economic development of the Wyrzysk commune for the years 2008-2015.
  • The Housing Strategy of the town of Marki for the years 2008-2013.