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Correction of application documentation wrongly made by another entity

Purpose of the service

If you have some doubts about the correctness of the application documentation prepared by you or another entity, we share you with our knowledge and experience to remove any errors and irregularities from the application and schedules.

Our assistance may be useful when the application has not been filed, nor verified, yet or when you applied for grant, but you were refused to receive the grant due to the incorrect documentation – in this case, we assist you to correct the application in order to file it during the next contest.

It sometimes happens that after obtaining the grant which is considered to be a great success for each company, at the stage of preparing the documentation for the grant contract or of negotiating terms and conditions of the contract, you learn about some unacceptable restrictions in view of your business. This decision is usually a result of a bad communication between the consultant and the Client at the stage of drawing up the application for grant. Although our long standing experience ensures that we can avoid such situation, unfortunately, some consultants are not able to do so. Therefore, we can help in difficult situations and protect your project against adverse changes or the necessity to refund the allocated funds.

Who is this service designed for?

The service is designed for the entities which are preparing themselves to file the application documentation and which wish to verify or correct this application documentation, as well as to the entities which – within the course of the project performance and after obtaining the positive grant allocation decision - have some difficulties in settling expenses or achieving the project goals.

When to contact us?

Immediately after occurring of circumstances that require the project to be changed or when there are some doubts about the correctness of the project management by your current consultant.