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Business plans

Purpose of the service

A business plan should comprehensively present the investment plan, its effect on the company’s position, analyse the market, determine various scenarios, as well as present the company’s history. Business plans are made to:

  • apply for the EU funds; read more
  • receive investment loans;
  • make optimal managerial decisions.

As part of this service, we also advise about selecting a bank which credits the investment and about a loan or leasing commitment (on the basis of our long-standing cooperation with banks and other financial institutions).

We execute some variants of our business plans (realistic, pessimistic and optimistic).

The following issues are described in the business plan:

Marketing part:

  • Competitiveness of offered products / services (cost, quality and price);
  • Marketing plan for all products / services, considering the size and  growth of the market, the company’s competition and position on the market, price policies, distribution channels and promotion methods;
  • Key success factors and the SWOT analysis (strong and weak points of the company and opportunities and threats in the company’s environment).

Organizational part – among others things:

  • Determination of the optimal organizational structure to dynamize the information flow and maximize the effectiveness of the company’s operation;
  • Determination of departments that could operate as individual organizational units;
  • Determination the optimal payroll structure;
  • Evaluation of the employment reduction and its costs;
  • Development of the comprehensive organizational and personnel strategy.

Financial part – among others things:

  • Comprehensive evaluation of the future and current financial position;
  • Detailed projection of incomes and costs;
  • Cash flow forecast;
  • Balance sheet forecast;
  • Determination of the total corporate value;
  • Determination of the return of investment period;
  • Evaluation of the required debt to perform the investment.

It is noteworthy that this is a standard document structure. Depending on the industry, needs and purpose of the business plan, the document may be modified, respectively.

Who is this service designed for?

This service is designed for all entrepreneurs who plan to invest, in particular those who need external funds (grants, credit).

When to contact us?

It takes us from two weeks to one month– depending on its complexity – to make a business plan following receipt of all required data. Some data, such as previous financial statements, organizational schemes etc. need to be provided by the Client, hence it is necessary to remember that your cooperation constitutes a crucial element of the document preparation.

This service was, among others, provided to:  

  • BIO-KAŹMIERKA MKP Sp. z o. o., Kalisz;
  • Mostostal Poznań S.A.;
  • Megawat Polska A. Ordon, K. Ordon, Tyń;
  • Euro-Astar P.P.H.U., Czołowo;
  • Metaloform Sp. z o.o., Poznań.