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Appeal procedure as part of the grant application

Purpose of the service

It often happens that a prospective beneficiary disagrees with results of its project evaluation under the contest for grants from public funds. In this case, you are required to provide arguments in a form of the complaint. It sometimes happens that we need to go to court to request the positive evaluation of the application and to receive the grant. By knowing the specificity of contests, various industries and procedures of authorities implementing and managing operational programmes, we professionally assist our Clients to protect its arguments before authorities deciding about allocating grants.

Who is this service designed for?

The  service is designed for all entities that feel wronged by the decision of the authority that decides about the grant allocation in the process of evaluating their applications.

When to contact us?

Upon receiving the decision on negative project evaluation or after receiving the decision on positive project evaluation, but without the grant due to the exhaustion of allocations. The beneficiary usually has 14 days to appeal, hence it is necessary to act quickly.